Through PowerShell

All domain users:

Get-ADUser -Filter * 

Find any user where name ends in ... phillips:

Get-ADUser -Filter 'Name -like "*phillips"'

Find user beth.nolan and return all properties:

Get-ADUser -Identity john.doe -Properties * – 

All domain groups:

Get-ADGroup -Filter *

Pipe the Administrators group object to Get-ADGroupMember to retrieve members of the group:

Get-ADGroup -Identity Administrators | Get-ADGroupMember

Get any domain objects that we modified on or after a specific date and time:

$modifiedDate = Get-Date '2022/10/11'
Get-ADObject -Filter 'whenChanged -ge $modifiedDate' -IncludeDeletedObjects

Get information about the domain from the domain controller:


Change a User Password:

$oldPass = Read-Host -AsSecureString -Prompt 'Enter the old password'
$newPass = Read-Host -AsSecureString -Prompt 'Enter the new password'
Set-ADAccountPassword -Identity -OldPassword $oldpPass -NewPassword $newPass