Setup for THM AD

Download the vpn config file from THM, and use it to configure

sudo openvpn --config ./<username>-adenumeration.ovpn --daemon

Check PID (you get a number, if not, doesn’t work):

sudo ps aux | grep -v grep | grep -i <username>-adenumeration.ovpn | awk -v FS=' ' '{print $2}'

Set your DNS IPv4 to the IP address of the THMDC in the network diagram, and run:

sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager



Get your credentials from

You can now either login with ssh, for example:

$ ssh 
...'s password: 

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Or by RPD:

RDP access
The kali-share drive mounts the current working directory as a network drive
in the RDP session, for uploading and downloading files.