Persistence through ACLs

Active Directory has a process called SDProp that replicates a template called AdminSDHolder to all protected groups in the domain. If an attacker adds their user account to the AdminSDHolder template, SDProp will replicate the ACL to all the protected groups when it runs every 60 minutes. So even if the attacker is removed from privileged groups, they will be re-added at very cycle by SDProp.

RDP to thmwrk1 with the unprivileged user account:

xfreerdp / /u:'' /p:'Password'

Inject the network credentials of the domain administrator into a session:

runas /netonly /user:za.tryhackme.loc\Administrator cmd.exe

Modify the AdminSDHolder template

  1. From the command prompt running with the injected domain admin credential, run mmc.exe.

  2. Go to File -> Add/Remove Snap-in

  3. Add the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in.

  4. Add the unprivileged user to the ACL here and allow Full Control for the user.

  5. Manually start the SDProp sync procedure.

WinRM to the Domain Controller

In the injected session, enter a PowerShell session:

powershell -ep bypass

WinRM to the domain controller as the DA:

Enter-PSSession -ComputerName

Now running a PowerShell session on the domain controller:

Import-Module C:\Tools\Invoke-ADSDPropagation.ps1