Infinite money logic flaw


This lab has a logic flaw in its purchasing workflow.


  1. With Burp running, log in with wiener:peter, and sign up for the newsletter to obtain a coupon code, SIGNUP30. Notice that you can buy $10 gift cards and redeem them from the My account page.

  2. Add a gift card to your basket and proceed to the checkout. Apply the coupon code to get a 30% discount. Complete the order and copy the gift card code to your clipboard.

  3. Go to your account page and redeem the gift card. Observe that this entire process has added $3 to your store credit. To obtain the $1234 required to purchase a leather jacket, 412 gift cards need to be redeemed. This process can be automated.

  4. Study the proxy history and notice that the gift card is redeemed by supplying the code in the gift-card parameter of the POST /gift-card request.

  5. Go to Settings -> Project -> Sessions. In the Session handling rules panel, click Add. The Session handling rule editor dialog opens.

  6. In the dialog, go to the Scope tab. Under URL Scope, select Include all URLs.

  7. Go back to the Details tab. Under Rule actions, click Add -> Run a macro. Under Select macro, click Add again to open the Macro Recorder.

  8. Select the following sequence of requests:

POST /cart
POST /cart/coupon
POST /cart/checkout
GET /cart/order-confirmation?order-confirmed=true
POST /gift-card

Then, click OK. The Macro Editor opens.

  1. In the list of requests, select GET /cart/order-confirmation?order-confirmed=true. Click Configure item. In the dialog that opens, click Add to create a custom parameter. Name the parameter gift-card and highlight the gift card code at the bottom of the response. Click OK twice to go back to the Macro Editor.

  2. Select the POST /gift-card request and click Configure item again. In the Parameter handling section, use the drop-down menus to specify that the gift-card parameter should be derived from the prior response (response 4). Click OK.

  3. In the Macro Editor, click Test macro. Look at the response to GET /cart/order-confirmation?order-confirmation=true and note the gift card code that was generated. Look at the POST /gift-card request. Make sure that the gift-card parameter matches and confirm that it received a 302 response. Keep clicking OK until you get back to the main Burp window.

  4. Send the GET /my-account request to Burp Intruder. Use the “Sniper” attack type and clear the default payload positions.

  5. On the Payloads tab, select the payload type Null payloads. Under Payload options, choose to generate 412 payloads.

  6. Go to the Resource pool tab and add the attack to a resource pool with the Maximum concurrent requests set to 1. Start the attack.

  7. When the attack finishes, you will have enough store credit to buy the jacket and solve the lab.


Screencast PoC Infinite money logic flaw


An attacker will need to log in; abuse the logic flaw to get enough credit; and buy a “Lightweight l33t leather jacket” with it.