Use analytics to lure a target

Attack tree

1 Get TrackingID of page (Copy code after YT or YA) (AND)
2 Use set on Kali
    2.1 Social Engineering Attacks (1) -> Third party modules (11) -> Google Analytics attack (2) (AND)
    2.2 manual
        2.2.1 Enter TrackingID UA+Copied code (AND)
        2.2.2 Hostname of target (for example (AND)
        2.2.3 Page (what comes after hostname) (AND)
        2.2.4 Page Title (for example Youtube) (AND)
        2.2.5 Referral page: A by us BeEF hook injected website (AND)
        2.2.6 Send payload on loop (every 60 seconds, so as not to wake up the dogs)


Target sees a lot of traffic coming from the BeEF injected page and may go and see what’s up with that.