Using a VPN

Using a VPN service that promises total anonymity, while having registered using your IP address, credit card, and your name and address? And using it for other stuff as well, like sites where you have registered?

  • No matter what a VPN service claims, there is always some form of logs: IP address, DNS queries, active sessions, etc. Without logs of some sort, the service becomes unmanagable.

  • Most countries have laws forcing every access provider to keep basic metadata logs of outgoing connections (which IP address talked to which IP, using which protocol, at which time, etc.), and it is highly unlikely your VPN provider will infringe the law.

  • Perhaps they do not sell customer data to the highest bidder.


  • ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland, which has some of the strongest data protection and digital privacy laws in the world. Data required for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes is secured using full-disk encryption on their bare-metal servers.