SilentTrinity container

For Windows targets

Dockerfile to start the SILENTTRINITY team server ~/SILENTTRINITY/Dockerfile

# The base Docker image containing binaries to run Python 3.7
FROM python:stretch-slim-3.7

# Install git, make, and gcc tools
RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y git make gcc

# Download SILENTTRINITY and change directories
RUN git clone /root/st/
WORKDIR /root/st/

# Install the Python requirements
RUN python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

# Inform future Docker users that they need to bind port 5000

# ENTRYPOINT is the first command the container runs when it starts
ENTRYPOINT ["python3", "", "", "stringpassword"]

To pull the base image, populate it with the tools and files we mentioned, and name the resulting image silent:

# docker build -t silent .

Start the newly built image in the background using the -d switch:

root@tardis:~/# docker run -d \
-v /opt/st:/root/st/data \
-p5000:5000 \

Connect to the team server running on the container:

root@tardis:~/# python3.7 \

To be able to download it from any workstation, push it to a Docker repository:

root@tardis:~/# docker login
Username: barzh
Login Succeeded
root@tardis:~/# docker tag silent barzh/silent
root@tardis:~/# docker push barzh/silent

The SILENTTRINITY Docker image can now be pulled for running on any Linux machine spawned in the future.