Device discovery

Attack tree

1 Check bluetooth device is up
2 Scan



To verify you have a Bluetooth adapter:


If the Bluetooth adapter is not enabled, enable it (where hci0 is the interface ID):

hciconfig hci0 up

To scan for Bluetooth devices (close to you):

hcitool scan

Record the MAC address of a device in order to send commands to a device.

Simple python scanner script

The bt.discover_devices() function returns a list of tuples with the first item being the hardware address and the second contains the device name if the parameter lookup_names is set to True, otherwise the return value is just a list of addresses. Bluetooth makes an extra connection just to resolve every name.


import bluetooth as bt

for (addr, name) in bt.discover_devices(lookup_names=True):
    print("%s %s" % (addr, name))