Assets discovery

Obtain all the companies owned by a main company and then all the assets of these companies:

  • Find the acquisitions of the main company, this will give the companies inside the scope.

  • Find the ASN (if any) of each company, this will give the IP ranges owned by each company.

  • Use reverse whois lookups to search for other entries (organisation names, domains…) related to the first one (recursively).

  • Use other techniques like shodan org and ssl filters to search for other assets (the ssl trick can be done recursively).

Discover acquisitions


If the target organisation has an ASN, it is possible to test all the hosts inside the scope for vulnerabilities, and look for domains inside these IPs. Search by company name, by IP or by domain using the Hurricane Electric BGP Toolkit.


Use shodan to find open ports and depending on finds pentest possible services running.